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  • Solvent free
  • Conceived for complex and heavy duty machining operations
  • Suitable for drilling, threading and tapping
  • The only product that is compatible with all ferrous and nonferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, S/S, inconel, monel, nickel, chromium, titanium, all plastics, etc..
  • Excellent evacuation of chips
  • Bits and taps last longer
  • The aerosol produces a pin stream that foams therefore clinging on projected surface.
Product authorized for use within the Canadian food industry
Product formulated without silicone
Product has little odor
Safe on plastics and sensitive material
Size :
Net Contents
450g 12 Aerosols
500ml 12 Bottles
4l 4 Containers
20l Pail
205l Barrel
Part No.

Manual threading operations, by combing, rolling, die pulling
Drilling operations
Deep drilling operations
Manual, automatic or semi-automatic tapping operations
Tube rolling and bending operations
Operations such as cutting and stamping steel or stainless steel parts, for small production jobs
Suitable for all types of material such aluminium, copper, steel, titanium, and their alloys, cast iron and on all type of plastics such as polymer, nylon, ABS, elastomers, metacrylate, lexan, corian, P.T.F.E, etc

Available also in the following categories:
Aerosol lubricants, Aerosol machining fluids, Maintenance, repair & operation, Specialty, Straight oil, Wet film,


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